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For years I have kept up to date on the latest news and blogs about poker, and gambling in general, by visiting various news sites and blogs that I had compiled over the years. Obviously, this was time-consuming and wasteful, as often there was nothing new on the blog or news site. Nevertheless, there was no other way.

Then, RSS feeds came along and I was able to "subscribe" to various blogs and so on - but I never really got the hang of it and tended to just visit the sites as I had been doing.

Then, I discovered a site called popurls which aggregated and compiled on one page an extensive list of news sites with five or so current headlines from stories or blog entries on that site with links to it and an easy interface to see an excerpt of the story (to see if it is of interest), and an easy "drop-down" feature to expose an even more extensive list of headlines. Thus, in seconds I could scan the latest news and easily get to the full story of anything that looked interesting. 

It occurred to me that a site like that devoted to poker and gambling news would be a lot of fun and would be extremely useful.

So, I said to myself, "self, you can do it!"

  1. AA Rockets; Bullets;American Airlines
  2. KK Cowboys
  3. QQ Canadian Rockets; Canadian Aces; Siegfried & Roy
  4. JJ Fishhooks; hooks
  5. 88 Snowmen; Doggie Balls
  6. 77 Sunset Strip
  7. 66 Route 66
  8. 55 Presto; Speed Limit
  9. 44 Canadian Presto
  10. 33 Crabs
  11. 22 Ducks
  12. AK Big Slick
  13. AQ Big Chick; Walking Back to Houston
  14. KQ suited Marriage
  15. KQ offsuit Mixed Marriage
  16. KJ Kojak
  17. K9 Fido; What a Dog
  18. K3 Commander Crab; King Crab
  19. Q7 Computer hand
  20. Q3 Gay Waiter (queen with a tray)
  21. J5 Motown; Jackson Five
  22. T8 Golden Dan
  23. T5 F&W Woolworth's; Five and Dime
  24. T4 Broderick Crawford; Convoy; Good Buddy
  25. T2 Texas Dolly
  26. 98 Oldsmobile
  27. 96 Big Lick; Dinner for Two
  28. 95 Dolly Parton
  29. 92 Montana Banana
  30. 83 Most feared hand in Holdem
  31. 7T Split
  32. 76 Union Oil

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) attempts to place some restrictions on funding your online gaming accounts. But, there are still many simple and convenient ways to get money in and out of your player accounts.

Most online casinos and poker rooms allow players to fund their account using WesternUnion, wire transfer, and some type of Electronic Funds Transfer ("EFT"). You can also still use Visa or MasterCard at some gaming sites (the only way to know is to try making a deposit with your credit card and see if it is approved).

You should look into each sites methods for deposits and withdrawals before you start. The sites we promote all have reliable and relatively fast withdrawals. Ignition takes about a week if you request a check or direct deposit, but only a few minutes if you set up a bitcoin wallet and use it. Look at Cryptocurrencyhelp to learn more and get started.

The cheapest, simplest and most convenient deposit method, if it is offered by the gaming site, is bitcoin. Its the wave of the future, so check it out.

This is the fairest and safest way to gamble online. In multi-player or Peer-to-Peer (P2P) gaming you do not play against the casino, you play against other players from all over the world. Playing poker on Ignition or Americas Cardroom are examples.

Especially in poker, this feature removes any incentive for the casino to "rig" the game. Since poker sites charge a small fee per hand (the "rake" in poker) regardless of who wins the pot, they have no reason to want to make you lose. In fact, they have an incentive that you not lose so you will play longer and keep contributing to the "rake".

There are some studies that suggest that the programming used in online poker inflates the number of exciting hands. Thus, 3 players all with big pairs before the flop, or several players flopping big draws against strong made hands (like top set versus flush and straight draws). We call that "juicing" the game. However, juicing the game does NOT mean its unfair as everyone gets the same frequency of big hands. But, you should adjust your game accordingly.

Just like many other companies, they want your business.

They appreciate that it is a bit of a hassle to download the game playing software, install it, fill out the sign up forms, register your account, make a real cash deposit and learn the nuances of their game software. Of course, they also need your trust - after all you are depositing real money with them and none are accountable in the United States as they are all located in foreign jurisdictions.

They hope that by giving you an incentive to get started playing at their site, you will stay with them. They make money by "raking" the pots, so the more players they have, the more those pennies add up. They pay you directly with a sign- up bonus, and often also pay the person who referred you to their site (called an affiliate).

Club Wager is an affiliate of the sites advertised on our site and receives a small referral fee when a visitor opens a new playing account and plays for real money there (so long as the visitor accesses that poker site by clicking the advertisement banner on our site).

We appreciate your support.

  1. Lower rake.
  2. You can play more than 1 table at a time.
  3. The hands are a LOT faster because they are all dealt electronically.
  4. No dealer errors.
  5. You can sit at your computer in a towel and still play poker.
  6. You can curse and swear as much as you want.
  7. The poker tracking programs really give you a heads up on your opponents.
  8. No traveling expenses (gas, tolls, parking, etc).
  9. No tipping the dealers.
  10. More bad players.
  11. You can watch TV or surf the net while playing poker.
  12. Signup deposit bonuses!

All promotions are subject to our Terms of Use & Disclaimer

All promotions are subject to our Terms of Use & Disclaimer

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