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About Us

Club Wager is a project by the same group that runs Epokertraffic.com - a group of internet poker enthusiasts. Our goal is to provide useful and fun stuff for the poker community.

ClubWager.net aggregates news stories, blog posts and other poker information from a wide variety of poker sites, and sets it out in lists of titles with excerpts, and link it to the full content. Everything is constantly monitored and updated in near real-time (new items are marked with a small "new" image). A few minutes is all it takes to stay up-to-date on all the latest poker news, blogs and buzz!

Epokertraffic.com has been monitoring and compiling statistics on the number of players and tables at online poker rooms since May 3, 2006. We are currently monitoring key sites. Statistics are updated regularly and then compiled and included in tables, charts and graphs.

"Current reports" contain the most recent data displayed in table format (with data laid out in detail, along with brief comments about each site, links to its poker network, and other info); bar graphs (for easy comparison); and pie charts (showing the current market share of each poker room).
"Past reports" use the statistics compiled since May 3, 2006 to display the highest, lowest and average number of players and tables for past dates or time frame; in table, bar graph, and pie chart formats. A simple to use search form is available for retrieving reports for any day or time frame.

We hope our websites will be a useful resource for all poker players.

Thank you for your interest.

We Want Your Feedback

If you know of a good blog, news, or other poker or gambling related RSS feed you think we should include, or if you have any other suggestions for improvement (or encounter any problems), we would love to hear it. contact us

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